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Delivery Time
Once a user places an order with us and makes payment settlements, our team will process and dispatch the order as soon as possible. Electronic delivery of a product should be completed within 5-9 working days of the order being accepted and paid for.
Users ordering hard copies of a report may face delayed delivery as the order may be dispatched from either the EU or the US. We, therefore, suggest that our clients to “Go Green” and order electronic copies.

Electronic delivery enables us to deliver our products rapidly to any part of the world. Courier services are available to all users requesting hard copies of their orders. In such case users may have to face and an additional charge of up to $100.

Order/Refund Policy
The format and easily transferable nature of the product sold by 1MarketResearch force us to follow “No return” policy. We do not accept any returns once the product has been dispatched. Check out or Refund Policy page.

In no event whatsoever will 1MarketResearch be liable for and not restricted to any special, indirect, consequential or legal damages, as a result of:
• User’s reliance on the content
• Website usage
• Inability to use the website
• Loss of data
• Failure of the website beyond our control
• Any such other matter related to the website

Use of Site Content
1MarketResearch hereby grants its users the non-transferrable access to the market research reports solely for their business or internal use. The information users gather from the website, shall not be copied, modified, shared, printed, or used in any form, without prior approval from 1MarketResearch

User Postings
Users acknowledge and agree that 1MarketResearch shall have an unrestricted right to publish or use all the information or parts of what the users post or publish on the website. 1MarketResearch is the sole owner of all the survey responses and site postings, once posted by the users. Users hereby shall waive their claims against 1MarketResearch for infringement and such other allegations.

As soon as a user places an order with for any product/service on our website, then and there itself he is obliged to pay for same. Further processing and dispatch of any order will take place only after the user makes successful payment in full. Our work element makes us follow a “No Return” policy as explained in our “Return Policy” published on the website. Under no conditions can we be held accountable for any delays or failure to carry out a contract on our part arising because of uncontrollable reasons or force majeure.

License and Site Access
1MarketResearch provides you with a limited revocable license to create a link to the website. Under no circumstances may you depict a misleading and negative picture of 1MarketResearch, its products and/or partners. Additionally, you may not use any content or part of the website that includes logos, graphics, trademarks, audio/video files, icons or such without having prior written consent from us.
The license does not grant the rights of commercial use, distribution or resale of any of website content or any part of website; and you may not use any data extraction tool, bots or other means to dig vital information or collect or make use of any descriptions, price listings and derivative use of the website.
Any user found violating any terms and condition of 1MarketResearch at any time will immediately have their license to use the website or any of its products cancelled.

Third Party Content
We at 1MarketResearch do not have editorial control over any published content and act only as a distributor of the content published and supplied by a third party to us. Any content published over the website expresses the views, opinions, statement of facts, offers and other information of the concerned author and not of 1MarketResearch.

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Applicable Law
Any user visiting the website agrees that the governing laws of the country of the website will govern any condition of use or any dispute that may arise between you and 1MarketResearch and its associates irrespective of any conflict between the laws of the countries of the website and the claimant.