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Date : 05-10-2019 Pages: 102 Report ID: 141527Price for Single User: $2500

Application-specific integrated circuit(ASIC) is an integrated circuit (IC) customized for a particular use, rather than intended for general-purpose use. Scope of the Report: The Asia pacific region countries such as India, China, Japan and other is projected to dominate the ASIC Design Service market in [...]

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Date : 05-10-2019 Pages: 108 Report ID: 141526Price for Single User: $2500

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, or MEMS, is a technology that in its most general form can be defined as miniaturized mechanical and electro-mechanical elements (i.e., devices and structures) that are made using the techniques of microfabrication. Scope of the Report: Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest [...]

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Date : 05-10-2019 Pages: 102 Report ID: 141518Price for Single User: $2500

The animation production pipeline is the path by which a movie goes from a creator's brain to the screen for the world to see. Scope of the Report: North America, Japan and Europe region remains the largest animation production market during the forecast period, whereas Asia-Pacific [...]

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Date : 05-10-2019 Pages: 99 Report ID: 141503Price for Single User: $2500

Cervical orthoses are prescribed for a wide spectrum of clinical problems ranging from muscle spasm to serious instability. Scope of the Report: The worldwide market for Cervical Orthoses is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly xx% over the next five years, will reach [...]

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Date : 05-10-2019 Pages: 99 Report ID: 141476Price for Single User: $2500

Mobile data protection solutions and services is the technology that applies data privacy guidelines by managing data encryption on the principal storage system of a workstation in various data storage platforms such as solid-state disks, removable media, and hard drives used in alliance [...]

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