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Date : 18-07-2019 Pages: 92 Report ID: 136998Price for Single User: $2500

Prenatal vitamins preparations help to cover nutritional gap during pregnancy. It contains many vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium and folic acid that are crucial during pregnancy period and also helps baby to get essential nutrients. Folic acids which are present in [...]

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Date : 18-07-2019 Pages: 109 Report ID: 136995Price for Single User: $2500

An anti-inflammatory agent with analgesic and antipyretic properties. Both the acid and its sodium salt are used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other rheumatic or musculoskeletal disorders, dysmenorrhea, and acute gout. Scope of the Report: The worldwide market for Noproxen is expected to [...]

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Date : 18-07-2019 Pages: 104 Report ID: 136994Price for Single User: $2500

Antipyretic Drugs for Children are the drugs which are essentially help to reduce the elevated temperature to normal temperature i.e 37. Scope of the Report: The global Antipyretic Drugs for Children market is valued at xx million USD in 2018 and is expected to reach [...]

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Date : 18-07-2019 Pages: 102 Report ID: 136993Price for Single User: $2500

Most kids are enrolled in early education and child care programs. Seasonal influenza outbreaks are expected annually. Influenza can be severe, resulting in hospitalization or death of some children. Immunization against influenza is the best strategy to reduce infection and spread. Scope of the [...]

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Date : 18-07-2019 Pages: 108 Report ID: 136992Price for Single User: $2500

The dementia constitutes symptoms such as memory loss, difficulty in problem solving. It is a disease related to brain and decreases thinking ability. The common type of dementia is Alzheimer's disease which constitutes around 65% of the total cases of dementia. Most of [...]

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