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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 152 Report ID: 4562Price for Single User: $3480

A hoist is a mechanical device for lifting material, typically consisting of a rope or chain around a drum or wheel lift, and a hook for attaching payload. A basic hoist is defined by two chief characteristics. The first is the lifting medium, which [...]

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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 146 Report ID: 4561Price for Single User: $3480

Formaldehyde Detector is used to measure Formaldehyde content in air. This report mainly covers the portable and stationary product types, while we can also offer any product survey report related to the Formaldehyde Detector industry chain. Scope of the Report: This report focuses on the [...]

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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 135 Report ID: 4558Price for Single User: $3480

The roller must be one of the simplest agricultural implements in farming today. It is used to flatten land and also to break up the large clods of soil that are often left behind after ploughing. Initially they were pulled by draft animals, [...]

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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 148 Report ID: 4556Price for Single User: $3480

Riflescope, also known as optical sight, is has unique features which provide a positive and repeatable return to your zero from any elevation adjustment. It is widely used for hunting, shooting sports, armed forces, etc. Scope of the Report: This report focuses on the Rifle [...]

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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 150 Report ID: 4555Price for Single User: $3480

Personal protective equipment includes head, eye and face protection, hearing protection, protective clothing, respiratory protection, professional footwear, fall protection, hand protection and others. Apart from this, personal protective equipment also finds application across various industries including construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, chemicals, food, [...]

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