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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 135 Report ID: 2550Price for Single User: $3480

The term cassia gum refers to the flour made from the endosperms of the seeds of Senna obtusifolia and Senna tora (also called Cassia obtusifolia or Cassia tora). It is composed of at least 75% polysaccharide, primarily galactomannan with a mannose:galactose ratio of 5:1, resulting in a high molecular mass of 200,000-300,000 Da. Scope of [...]

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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 133 Report ID: 2525Price for Single User: $3480

The beetroot is the taproot portion of the beet plant, usually known in North America as the beet, also table beet, garden beet, red beet, or golden beet. It is one of several of the cultivated varieties of Beta vulgaris grown for their edible taproots and their leaves (called beet greens). These varieties have been classifiedas B. vulgaris subsp. vulgaris Conditiva Group. Scope [...]

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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 148 Report ID: 2523Price for Single User: $3480

A puree (or mash) is cooked food, usually vegetables or legumes, that has been ground, pressed, blended or sieved to the consistency of a creamy paste or liquid. Purees of specific foods are often known by specific names, e.g., applesauce or hummus. Scope of the Report: This report focuses on the Banana Puree in global market, especially in North [...]

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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 128 Report ID: 2522Price for Single User: $3480

Banana flour is a powder traditionally made of green bananas. Historically, banana flour has been used in Africa and Jamaica as a cheaper alternative to wheat flour. It is now often used as a gluten free replacement to wheat flours or as a source of resistant starch, which has been promoted by [...]

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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 130 Report ID: 2521Price for Single User: $3480

A banana is an edible fruit – botanically a berry – produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. In some countries, bananas used for cooking may be called plantains, distinguishing them from dessert bananas. The fruit is variable in size, color, and firmness, but is usually elongated and curved, with soft [...]

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