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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 150 Report ID: 2223Price for Single User: $3480

A helmet is a form of protective gear worn to protect the head from injuries. All helmets attempt to protect the user's head by absorbing mechanical energy and protecting against penetration. In this report, Sports helmets (football, ski, etc.), Bicycle helmets, Motor vehicle helmets [...]

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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 146 Report ID: 2188Price for Single User: $3480

UV Sterilizer for Household is the sterilizer used UV Lamp or LEDs for household. That includes the toothbrush sterilizers, milk bottles sterilizers, smartphone sterilizers, Kitchen Sterilizers, and so on. They can be used for sterilizing items such as toothbrush, key, razor, smartphone, tableware, [...]

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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 152 Report ID: 2183Price for Single User: $3480

A disposable intestinal wash bag is a disposable bag with attachable nozzles which are used in the treatment of severe constipation or before a medical procedure. The bag is filled with an enema solution and the nozzle is attached to be inserted into [...]

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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 145 Report ID: 2166Price for Single User: $3480

A hair roller or hair curler is a small tube that is rolled into a person's hair in order to curl it, making a new hairstyle. Hair roller is defined based on its function rather than the appearance. Actually, hair roller can be [...]

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Date : 27-08-2018 Pages: 145 Report ID: 2165Price for Single User: $3480

Baby diaper is designed to absorb and retain baby’s urine and faces while keeping the skin dry and healthy and to be easily and hygienically disposed of in household solid waste. Scope of the Report: This report focuses on the Baby Diaper in global [...]

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