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Date : 18-07-2019 Pages: 99 Report ID: 137021Price for Single User: $2500

Uranium found in nature consists largely of two isotopes, U-235 and U-238. The production of energy in nuclear reactors is from the 'fission' or splitting of the U-235 atoms, a process which releases energy in the form of heat. U-235 is the main [...]

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Date : 18-07-2019 Pages: 108 Report ID: 137010Price for Single User: $2500

Airbag propellant chemicals are basically used to achieve fast swelling of an airbag when the sensor of a vehicle detects the accident if there would be an occurrence of a crash. This chemical reacts and disintegrates suddenly in order to create enough measure [...]

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Date : 18-07-2019 Pages: 105 Report ID: 137009Price for Single User: $2500

Bleaching Chemicals are usually based on peroxides which do not contain chlorine such as sodium percarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium perbonate. Bleaching chemicals are industrially as well as domestically used for, whitening clothes and removing stains from textiles. Bleaching chemicals are as well [...]

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Date : 18-07-2019 Pages: 87 Report ID: 137006Price for Single User: $2500

Structural adhesive tapes are made up of specialized adhesives which provide high strength bond between two surfaces. This tape offers high bonding strength, fast fixture, durability, impact resistance and versatility features. Structural adhesive tape offers various advantages over other alternatives such as welding, [...]

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Date : 18-07-2019 Pages: 99 Report ID: 137005Price for Single User: $2500

The boron doped diamond electrode (BDD) is an electrode which has excellent material characteristics. It has the largest electro-chemical potential window in aqueous solutions as compared to traditional electrodes. Traditional electrode materials such as gold, diamond and plutonium are very costly and less [...]

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