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Date : 23-03-2019 Pages: 99 Report ID: 111508Price for Single User: $2500

Meglumine is a white crystalline powder. Melting point 128-129°C. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, almost insoluble in chloroform. Taste sweet and salty astringent. The molecular formula is C7H17NO5 and the molecular weight is 195.21400. The density is 1.375, the melting point [...]

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Date : 23-03-2019 Pages: 104 Report ID: 111506Price for Single User: $2500

Zinc oxide, with its unique physical and chemical properties, such as high chemical stability, high electrochemical coupling coefficient, broad range of radiation absorption and high photostability, is a multifunctional material. With the excellent properties, zinc oxide plays an important role in a very [...]

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Date : 23-03-2019 Pages: 108 Report ID: 111504Price for Single User: $2500

An amorphous metal (also known as metallic glass or glassy metal) is a solid metallic material, usually an alloy, with a disordered atomic-scale structure. Most metals are crystalline in their solid state, which means they have a highly ordered arrangement of atoms. Amorphous [...]

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Date : 23-03-2019 Pages: 92 Report ID: 111502Price for Single User: $2500

This report studies the Waste Paper Recycling market. Waste paper recycling is the process of mixing used paper with water and chemicals to break it down. This mixture is then chopped up and heated to break it down further into strands of cellulose [...]

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Date : 23-03-2019 Pages: 109 Report ID: 111499Price for Single User: $2500

This report studies the PC/ABS Resin market, PC/ABS Resin is a blend of PC and ABS providing unique combination of the high processability of ABS with the excellent mechanical properties, impact and heat resistance of PC. The PC/ABS Resin property balance is controlled [...]

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